Tiger Wilson ‘Anything Is Possible’

Makin’ Moves Records
Release date: 29th October

We’ve had a busy last few months picking up loads of great music on our travels that we’ll be releasing in the months to come. We’ve also been out in New York over the summer working on the video for our latest release from the very talented Tiger Wilson with his new single ‘Anything Is Possible’. We think it’s come out great so make sure you check out the youtube video and leave your comments! Exclusive promos of the release will be available via www.traxsource.com from 1st October.

Peven Everett – King of Hearts – LP Album

King of Hearts is the highly anticipated new album from Peven Everett who returns with a bang! Instrumentalist, prolific lyricist and heartbreak extraordinaire. This album is fully armed with a sparkling set of super smooth and sizzling love songs. Once again showing us his unique ability of seamlessly floating across all genres from RnB, Power Soul, Funk, Rap and Soulful Vocal House. Physical Release date 1st July 2013 / Digital release date 15th July 2013.

To purchase the album click here.

Ezel featuring Tamara Wellons ‘Girl From Ipanema’ (inc. Justin Imperiale & Trinidadiandeep Remixes)

Ezel feat. Tamara Welllons ‘Girl From Ipanema’ (includes remixes from Justin Imperiale & Trinidadiandeep)
Makin’ Moves (UK)

In the 60’s Antiono Carlos Jobin and Vinius de Moraes created the Brasilian gem “Girl From Ipanema.” Sweet and breezy, the bossa-nova tune was catapulted into immortality by Stan Getz and a very young Astrud Gilberto, turning the track into a Grammy-winning modern standard, heard in café’s and commercials and inspiring folks to make the pilgrimage to the canonized Brasilian beach.

Fast-forward to 2013 and renowned Dominican dance scientist Ezel has taken to re-imagining the standard. Ezel took a break from working as a DJ, producer and songwriter to re-connect with his formal musical studies. After a year in Spain studying, he found himself with newly developed senses and inspired to challenge himself. Ezel gravitated towards one particular standard he encountered in training, “Girl From Ipanema.”

Ezel’s version updates the classic, straying from the traditional notion of what dance and jazz can be. Through a deceitfully simple arrangement, Ezel infuses his rhythm with a jazz sensibility, adding a bit of a twist to the timelessness of the original. Tamara Wellons adds strong, sweet vocals to complete the circle. The single is bolstered by two remixes. Justin Imperiale takes it to the club for his DUBstrumental rendition, putting the song in a stronger dance context while still keeping key melodic and harmonic elements present. Trinidadian Deep Future Vision mix completely strips the song down and rebuilds it with a bugged-out, astral perspective.

“Girl From Ipanema” showcases Ezel’s experimentation and growth. You can practically feel the breeze blowing from the opening notes. This is just the beginning, be on the lookout for more innovation and surprise from Ezel and Makin’ Moves.

Exclusive promos will be available via www.traxsource.com from 15th July. Full release 12th August.

1. Original Mix
2. Justin Imperiale Remix
3. Justin Imperiale Dubstrumental
4. Trinidadiandeep Future Vision Remix

Tamara Wellons

It has been said that music has the power to influence a generation. For Washington, D.C. based singer/songwriter Tamara Wellons, those words are more than a cultural adage, they are her life’s mission.

At the core of Tamara Wellons is the desire to educate. After several years of teaching elementary school aged children, she has not lost her passion for helping children discover their inner voice and the world around them through music.

Growing up in her hometown Ivor, Virginia, Tamara was known as the “little girl with the big voice.” Singing was only natural for the granddaughter of the legendary gospel group, The Pritchett Sisters. Tamara grew up on what she refers to as “folk music”, knee slapping, hand clapping and foot stomping syncopated rhythms, and unbridled harmonic chants, reminiscent of ancestral celebration.

While the church was most certainly the incubator for Tamara’s talent, it was her collegiate experience that sharpened and diversified her musicality. In 1995, Tamara left Ivor, Virginia to attend Bowie State University. There, while studying early childhood development, she also immersed herself in the sounds of eclectic jazz and soul music. She joined the Bowie State Jazz Ensemble and began booking live performances around the Washington D.C. area. Her commanding vocals and hypnotic blend of folk, soul, jazz and house varieties would later garner performances at some the hottest venues, including the prestigious Jazz Café in London.

Ezel Feliz

Some people in life are seem to be guided by a internal light that keep them on a path of ascension for they claim elevation and balance as their true north.

That’s the case with Ezel Feliz, a young and very gifted multi-disciplinary artist that has made a name for himself as a very sought-after musician, songwriter, DJ and music producer.

Hailing from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic , a melting pot of cultural heritages where african meet indian and spanish culture, since a early age his work started to get recognition locally as a excellent keyboard player for such iconic dominican pop/funk bands as “Santo Domingo Funk Crew’ and “Calor Urbano” experiences that allowed him to craft his skills as a live musician. Also coming from being a the piano player in his local church allowed him to soak into musicality that was soulful and spiritually oriented, a seal that has kept ever since in all his music endeavors.

By 2007, after exploring many opportunities locally, his talent got blessed to receive the attention of music producer and soulful house music genius Osunlade, how propelled and guide his career toward new dimension of success. Allowing him to involved in  remixes a few notable singles for his label Yoruba Records, Ezel made his entrance into the big stage of independent and soulful dance music, first releasing a full length album “Secreto”  under african/roots oriented soulful house label “Ocha Records”, led by influential DJ and producer Carlos “Casamena” Mena who helped to shape Ezel sound among the line of the deeply spiritual and soulful sexiness. Later on, countless remixes came over the years further propelling his name and signature sound to discerning dance floors worldwide and receiving support and approval from such influential voices such as Gilles Peterson, Simbad, Reel People, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Bugz in the Attic and Joaquin “Joe” Claussell  to name a few.

Having already traveled to some parts of the world as part of a supporting act for latin music megastar “Juan Luis Guerra” and with many performances and showcases on the several Winter Music Conferences to which he attended, served as a solid ground for what was about to come to him. In 2011, he became the proudly recipient of a full scholarship to make professional studies of Audio Engineering at the prestigious SAE Institute in Barcelona, Spain.  While making these intensives studies during that year the school, his widespread success within house music demanded him to travel and show music credential at some of the best clubs and venues in the world such a Djoon in Paris,  Casablanca Soul in Santorini, Greece, The Room in Tokyo, Japan and his participation in the famous ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in Holland that further helped him connect with some the mosts relevant DJs, singers and producers worldwide

In 2012 after finishing school in Barcelona,  he settled yet again in Dominican Republic to face a stage of personal growth and a re-definition of goals. Even tho his work stills maintains a wide appeal on the realm of soulful dance music, he has refocused towards the personal improvement of his musical skills, and has been getting in touch with more musicality oriented influences such as Jazz, soul and the ethnic traditional sounds of his homeland. As he explore what is to become of his next full length album and if wether this will be presented again in solo mode or now will a full fledged music band, he continues to play his instrument for some of the most  relevant acts in his country such as upcoming star Vicente Garcia and folk/racine experimental artist Canadian-Hatian singer Sara Renelik among others.

Other contributions include music scoring for local television series and advertising work.

It is time for yet whole new dreams in the life of Ezel, perhaps ones that will take him into new dimensions in the world of music, defying all paradigms. As he seeks knowledge and betterment in mission to integrate his sense of being to the totality of his ultimate goal in this lifetime, stay tuned for yet more breakthrus in the ongoing development of very sensible artist who strives for advance towards true light, in the pursuit of happiness and divine balance.