4 to the Floor present House Vs Hustle @ Rhythm Factory Saturday 20th December

Some people say that you are always a victim of your own success so after starting out 2014 with a series of smashing events at the Horse & Groom we may have eased off a little too much post August.

An old saying “Nothing in life is ever a done deal” has seen us however regroup to bring you an out of the ordinary end of year party. Not that there is anything wrong with going out to see your favorite resident dj’s and or a big name headliner but we love to be different and we always offer different. For us the club is beyond what it is built for we always take it to the next level so for our xmas special we are bringing 5 different types of performances to the dance floor. Say what? Yes its true, not something one might associate with house music however there are street dance & club dance styles heavily influenced by house music going back to the late 80’s. Ladies and gentlemen we are very excited to bring you house dance, breaking (commercially known as breakdance) & the hustle (a partner dance one might be forgiven for having it mistaken for Salsa) & waacking live performances and also fused together including a live PA by Kayo to end your 2014 in a fashion you decide through your choosing to attend.

Notice we haven’t even discussed the lineup of dj’s yet and already a fiver should you be guest listed or 8 quid seems like quite a bargain. We have also invited Kyri of R2 records as well as our friends at Makin’ moves (Matt LS & Jamesey) to provide the desert on already a 3 course club experience. Those familiar with R2 records will know the label’s influence in house music most recently with the releases of Atonement (Osunlade), Wall street (Karizma) and other releases by Atjazz to name a few while Makin’ moves are vocal on traxsource making noise with their own releases in the charts. Our own resident dj’s albeit missing BlkBlt through other music related commitments boast Eddieboi (who is running an independent record label named Mosebo music) & the one and only famous DJSOULPROVYDER both of whom have dance experience through jazz & house dance and therefore have the foundation to shake a crowd with their unique productions and selections.

The question here is not whether you are coming but who are you bringing? Its like this, you get a swiss chocolate you want to share it and you do want a swiss chocolate because they are just not always readily available.

What you can count on us for is not spectacular, we don’t do spectacular we do alive.

NOTE ON DANCE CLASS (New Style Hustle Workshop) : This is free as it is covered by your door entry fee and will take place from 10 – 11PM. To pre-book class entry or for guest list please email edward.dikgale@gmail.com with full names and we will come back to you with your guest list reference number.

We really look forward to celebrating what has been an eventful year with you, your friends & partners together.

Saturday 20th December

4 To The Floor

House Vs Hustle

16-18, Whitechapel Road

London E1 1EW


£5 advanced tickets from www.residentadvisor.net / £8 OTD

More info https://www.facebook.com/events/558855704245065/


Resident DJs

Eddie Boi




Kyri R2

Matt L-S & Jamesey

Live PA from Kayo Music (Slave2thevibe)


Live dance showcase hosted by D-Lo

Hustle performance and workshop by T-Boy and linga

House Dance performance by Konoha

Waacking performance by Julia Cheng (House of Absolute)

House/Break performance by Soulkwest