MAKIN103 – Lolita Santiago featuring Aisling Iris “Like Summer”

Makin’ Moves back with another release which is perfect timing for the summer night settings in London. This song entitled ‘ Like Summer’ which has been written by Aisling Iris, her lyrics and voice have been described as possessing an almost conversational intimacy, with a smooth contralto that she deftly wraps around the melodies, swooping up every so often to a lilting jazzy falsetto.

Back once again on Makin’ Moves Records after a succession of hits, Aisling teams up with Lolita Santiago to bring you this smooth soulful jazzy groove as always with meaningful lyrics and sure we can all relate to! Enjoy!

Produced and arranged by Lolita Santiago.

Lyrics written and performed by Aisling Stephenson.

Mixed and Mastered by Toni Economides

Executive Producers: Matt LS & JameseyD

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MAKIN102 – Luis Radio “Eyes Of The Drums” (Luis Radio Revamp)

Luis Radio is back on Makin’ Moves with another Afro Stomper in time for mid summer. ‘Eyes Of The Drums’ was originally released on a Makin’ Moves EP entitled ‘Cosmic Rift’ sometime ago by luis, but now has been Revamped by the Italian maestro. And as always, he never fails to keep you moving on the dancefloor.

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MAKIN101 – Dave Anthony ft Beverlei Brown “Never Give You Up” (Jihad Muhammad & Prefix One Remixes)

Never Give You Up, is a passionately written deep track by Beverlei Brown teaming up with Kemet Souls Dave Anthony (UK) who’s had a long list of soulful house tracks played by many DJ’s across the board. Now back once again with our main DJ from NJ Jihad Muhammad and South London’s (Uk) Trevor Davy AKA Prefix One on remix duties.

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MAKIN100 – DJ Kemit pres The Lounge Lizards ft. Jill Rock Jones “Wake Up Stand Up” (Kai Alce Remixes)

What a year it’s been for Makin’ Moves records so far. We really appreciate your support over the last 7 years with the releases and our events across the globe. Time has passed so quickly and now we are here and humbly proud to present our 100th release to you!

This song was presented to us by our good friend and talented producer DJ Kemit (one half of Kemeticjust) from Atlanta back in 2017 and we immediately love the song for it’s structured groove and powerful and meaningful vocals beautifully performed by Jill Rock Jones. Proving to be a big hit and having people rocking on our dance floors.

Now here in 2019, the message remains the same and is still very relevant, WAKE UP & STAND UP is the title of this song and we have added a new remix done by none other than Kai Alce from NDATL Muzik who has done a magnificent job and is number 1 in this weeks Soulful house releases!

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MAKIN099 – Soul, Niko M featuring Stephanie Cooke “Aint No Stopping Us”

Makin’ Moves Records are proud to present another soulful gem of track with our friends from Italy. Producers DaSoul (who already has a number of hits on Makin’ Moves) & Niko M have come together to produce this track for the legendary singer/ songwriter Ms Stephanie Cooke. Whom we are honured and excited to have on our label.

Stephanie Cooke is a singer/songwriter whose roots are based in urban Newark, NJ. Born and raised there, she grew up in church like many in the music industry, and found her beginnings in the choir and in small groups as she developed her singing and arranging skills.For much of the past 20 years she has made her home as an artist in dance music recording songs on many labels around the globe. And to this day, still provides us with music that inspires, uplifts and enriches the mind, heart and spirit.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Music produced and arranged by DaSoul & Niko M
Lyrics written & Performed by Stephanie Cooke
Executive Producers : Matt-LS & JameseyD

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MAKIN098 – Loftsoul x Kengo “Beleive” (includes Atjazz Remixes)

Welcoming back to Makin’Moves Records, our man from Japan ‘Uchikawa’ aka Loftsoul who now teams up with UK’s Four To The Floor Resident DJ/ producer Kengo. And the outcome is a deeply hypnotic and subliminal snyths, along with deeply rooted drums which surely get you going on the dance floor. A definite peak time global afro track. Featuring Nadine Caeser on main vocals. The message is in the music.. Believe it, receive it, conceive it, achieve it.

On the remix duties we’ve called upon top man at ARCo Labs Mr Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson who gives his take on the original bringing an uptempo soulfully deep production. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!!

Main Vocal & Percussion dub : Production, drums, strings, keyboards – Loftsoul x Kengo
Vocals : Nadine Ceaser
Mastered by Martin Iveson at ARCo Labs UK.

Atjazz Galaxy Aaart Remixes : Remix Production by Martin Iveson for Atjazz at ARCo Labs UK.
Mastered by Martin Iveson at ARCo Labs Uk.

MAKIN097 – Soulista featuring Angel A “Eyes On You” (includes Wipe The Needle Remix)

Welcoming to Makin’ Moves is Italian based Soulista aka Sebastiano Di Filippo whom is a songwriter, composer, producer and remixer with over 25 years of experience in the music industry.He has been involved in several productions ranging from Dance to Soulful House such as Sophisticate, Backbeat, Soulista and others. And has now teamed up with the very talented singer Angel-A!

A native Detroiter, currently residing in Chicago, she is a musical force to be reckoned with. Heavily influenced by a family of Jazz musicians, Gospel preachers and a city bursting with legendary Motown Music and Gospel Giants, at age 6 she began singing and playing the piano in church. By the age of 13, she was directing community choirs and composing her own music.

Together they have come up with a very soulful gem that sits well within the Makin’ Moves label and we’re happy to have this release for a your listening pleasure.

Also we’ve had our close friend Wipe The Needle aka Lee Gomez add his broken remix which is the icing on this package.

Available from as an exclusive promo from Monday 27th May 2019.

Writing & Production Credits:
Produced by Soulista aka Sebastiano Di Filippo
Vocals performed, arranged and sung by Angel-A
Wipe the Needle Broken Remix performed and arranged by L. Gomez, keys by M. Cooper
Mixed & Mastered by Toni Economides
Executive Producers : Matt L-S & Jamesey D

MAKIN096 – Lee Van Kleef ft. Lifford “In The Wrong” (DJ Beloved BPM After Dark Mix)

UK soul singer Lifford is probably best known for his work with Artful Dodger on their club hit ‘Please Dont Turn Me On’ which hit the UK top ten in 2000 spending 10 weeks on the chart!

Lifford is also responsible for numbers quality soulful house tracks through the years with various producers. This new release is produced by our good friend Lee Gomes under his Lee Van Kleef guise. The original first appeared on Makin’ Moves in 2015 almost 4 years ago!

Now revisted by main man DJ Beloved from NYC who loved the track so much he wanted to put his unique twist on it with his signature sound.

One for the dance floor that doesn’t disappoint!

Released as an exclusive promo via Traxsource on Friday 11th May 2019.

Writing & Production credits

Produced by L.Gomez & L.Robinson
Written by L.Gomez & L.Robinson & L.Shillingford
Piano, strings & lead by S.Green

Remix by DJ Beloved for BPM Recordings
Keys, Bass & Strings performed by Jerry Williams
Guitar performed by Sheldon ‘So’ Goode

Executive Producers : Matt L-S & JameseyD

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MAKIN095 – David Bailey ft. ShezAr x Jaybay “Get Your Body Down To The Floor”

Welcoming and making their debut on Makin’ Moves Records. We are more than happy to present David Bailey featuring the very talented vocals from Hackney Soul/Gospel sensations ShezAr aka Sherelle Mckenzie and Jaybay.
A smooth groove bassline laced with synths along with lyrics to certainly get your body moving! The collaboration does not disappoint!
Available exclusively from from Friday 12th April.

MAKIN094 – Luis Radio & Stefano Guerra “Spaced EP”

Following their storming album “We Can Shine”, the Italian duo of Luis Radio & Stafano Guerra are back once again with another killer EP!

Never failing to disappoint, the boys killing it on the snyths and giving that driving bassline throughout! These two tracks have been sought after for sometime and have been rocking the dance floors when played!

Now finally available for you guys exclusively from from Friday 22nd March to rock it out!

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