MAKIN034 -Gianluca Pighi & Massimo Paramour featuring Ahmad Larnes ‘Ever Stop’ (includes Terry Hunter Remix)

The collective of Gianluca Pighi, Massimo Paramour and Ahmad Larnes return again to the label for their third single release ‘Ever Stop’. These guys have certainly hit on a winning combination for us with their tight production and great song writing as the team have gone from strength to strength.

‘Ever Stop’ was actually first created in late November 2002! Paramour had just moved back to Italy having spent 3 years in NYC and he decided to invite his friend and former room-mate Ahmad to Pighi’s studio to start producing something together. The chemistry was quite incredible. After less than a week, they had written 5 brand new demo songs and the rest they say is history!  Thankfully after a meeting between Pighi and Makin’ Moves the tracks have been able to see the light of day and what awesome songs they are!!

Ever Stop is a really positive song mainly about music and life in general. Larnes spells out you only live one life and to make the most of it and to keep trying to do what you love and his love for music and what would he do without it.. ‘I just wanted to run away and be free to play, cause tomorrow i could not see, because life was just a game to me, it didn’t matter what tomorrow brings, as long as the day bought new joys to sing, i knew i be happy, so happy have you ever stopped to think about tomorrow if the music stops dont wallow in your sorrow take a chance on life you may win if you don’t succeed then you try again..’

There’s three mixes on the package, the original Deep Soul mix swoops in and immediately gets the hairs down the back of your neck twinging as the warm chords travel along and catch you with positivity and heartfelt vocals.

The broken mix, takes the song in a different jazzy/broken beat direction working sublimely with Larnes’s soulful vocals, a must for all soul fans.

Finally, Chicago’s man of the moment Terry Hunter drops a hot remix sprinkled with a delightful uplifting piano that works superbly with Larnes vocals and beats will sure to be played in many clubs this summer!


Produced arranged and mixed by Gianluca Pighi and Massimo Paramour @ blackpiggy Studio
Vocals by Ahmad Larnes
An original Kadregah Production
Written by Larnes, Braghieri, Pighi
(P) 2015 Record Kicks Edizioni Siae

Tracks 3 and 4 – Remixed by Terry Hunter
Executive producers: Matt Langrish-Smith & Jamesey
Makin’ Moves Records 2015

‘Ever Stop’ EP is available as an exclusive promo via from Monday 29th June, then on all other digital stores from Monday 27th July 2015.


Growing up in Paterson NJ, born with a pen in her hand, house beat of a heartbeat and a
poetic rhythm in her spirit, RescuePoetix™ found her performance voice at an underground Open Mic in Jersey City in 2006, where she began by getting involved in the promotion, artist scheduling and organizing of weekly events.

RescuePoetix™ has been fortunate and honored to perform in New York, New Jersey, Miami and Philadelphia with a variety of talented Spoken Word artists in such venues as: Ladies on the Mic (Jersey City NJ), Louder Arts (NYC), Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase (E Harlem, Brooklyn), Poetry in Pink 2009, 2010, 2011 (NYC, Harlem), CyberSlamm at Winter Music Conference Miami 2012 & 2013, CyberSlamm Philadelphia 2012 in partnership with Global Influences, Femancipation @ Winter Music Conference 2013 and Urbane Floetix .  She continues to perform at various live and radio venues throughout NY and NJ on a regular basis.

RescuePoetix™ founded “Just Add Sound”, a monthly open mic, in 2009, in Jersey City, where she currently resides. Just Add Sound will be reborn in 2014 as a Radio Show focusing on Artists, which include poetry, spoken word, producers, singers and the diversity within the artistic industry. Details coming soon. RescuePoetix™ has also founded “JC Opens Up the Mic”, a collaboration of participating open mics/poetry venues throughout Jersey City.  JC Opens up the Mic is under redevelopment as a segment of Just Add Sound Radio, focusing on Jersey City and local artists.

Combining her love of House and Spoken Word, RescuePoetix™ recently founded “RescuePoetix™ and co-found SpokenMovement™ with partner Nunu Rox™, under which several budding projects, including recording Spoken Word to music, fall under.

Her first full spoken word release, “Shadow Dancer©” was released July 2011, a JoeFlame Production, on D# Sharp Records. This was the next step in the realization of a long built upon dream of recording Spoken Word to Music.

RescuePoetix™ continues to realize another dream: Writing to touch the masses. She has had the opportunity to be freelance writer for such sites as, MediaServicesNYC, Cyberjamz and 1200Dreams. Articles range from music reviews to interviews, from bios to non-fiction pieces.

A deep love for House Music also led RescuePoetix™ into promotions, marketing and events management. Given the opportunity by Open Bar Music/Media Services NYC/The Joint, RescuePoetix™ was fortunate to be part of the foundation that makes I’ll House You! (NYC) the living, breathing successes that it is. Working with Oscar Poche & Jessica Poche since the inception of their successful I’ll House You! Party in NY, DC and Miami has led to a greater understanding of promotion, event production and organization on various levels.

RescuePoetix ™ has had the honor of working with such talented producers as Soundscience, Tayo Wink, Eddie Ed, Sal Negro, DJ Punch, Calvin Morgan, Phil Hooton, Doc Link, Eman, Ralph Session, DJ Minx, Arturo Garces, RedDeep, CM2, DJ Buzzard, Neighborboy SA, Soul-Cat, Christian Scott, Karl Lambert, DJ Mbembe, The Vicmari, ZorzPost & Emme, Justin Imperiale, Jihad Muhammad, Soulbridge, DJ Guido P, John Khan & Earl Tutu, Oscar P, Toto Chiavetta, Chevy Leonardo, Oke Paso, Gabivon, DJ Speedy, Joseph Curtjay, Miss Luna and believes that the collaborations have made each unique vision and sound a solid and vibrant impact. With several upcoming projects with producers who range from the US to Europe to South Africa, she believes that the visions provided are limitless and the love of music is a universal language.

As an artist with Cyberjamz Records, this has also opened doors to delving deeper into House Music through promotion of daily live shows that span the globe, promotion of music through new release promotion and Traxsource and Stompy Top 10 and, under the mentorship of Sammy Rock, the intricate workings of sharing music with the masses on a regular basis. In June 2013 she was added to the Cyberjamz Staff as Manager, Promotions, Projects & Events, working closely with the CEO and VP of Cyberjamz, Catherine Harris Rowell, to further explore the growth and development of the Label and Radio Station on a global scale.

November 2013 saw the birth of Raw Honey Poets, a collaboration of nine talented poets under the guidance of Joshua Milan and Honeycomb Music. The premier project, “Happy”, released on Honeycomb Music as an introduction of Raw Honey Poets is available for free download at the Honeycomb Music site. Raw Honey Poets is currently in works with a second project, due out mid-2014.

RescuePoetix™ lives by the belief that it is critical to build strong rather than fast and that the foundation of all great things takes time to get it right.

The growth isn’t finished. It’s only just begun.

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Summer Sessions Part 1 @ Cargo, Shoreditch

Sunday 28th June

Summer Sessions Part 1 @ Cargo, Shoreditch

Summer is finally here and we know its not summer in London without a Makin’ Moves party! We’re pleased to announce a series of outdoor sunday afternoon events taking place in Shoreditch and Brixton over the coming months.

Summer Sessions Part 1 kicks off on Sunday 28th June at the awesome Cargo terrace in the heart of Shoreditch. Jamesey and Matt L-S our residents will be joined by some of our favourite djs and friends playing deep/soulful house through to soul, boogie and disco for 9 whole hours!

We’ll also have access to arch 2 of the club which has a fantastic sound system aswell as a delicious BBQ served all day.. Not to mention this whole event is totally FREE!!!


DJs on rotation 

Jamesey & Matt L-S (Residents)


Rap Saunders (Soulmates/AREA51)

Joe Hines & Pablo Martinez (FOMP)

Martin Lodge (Mi-Soul / Southport Weekender)

David Bailey (Mi Casa)


Makin’ Moves 

Sunday 28th June

Summer Sessions Part 1

All Day Terrace Party

83, Rivington Street


London EC2A 3AY

Nearest tube: Old Street / Liverpool Street


Doors: 3pm-12am

FREE Entry all day

For more info check

Check out the Makin’ Moves show every thursday night 8-10pm

MAKIN033 – Steal Vybe featuring Monday Michiru ‘Past, Present, Future’ EP

Makin’ Moves keep the summer heat coming as we drop a fantastic new EP from Steal Vybe aka Chris Forman and Damon Bennett and featuring one of the true amazing soulful talents on this planet Monday Michiru who you probably remember from Mondo Grosso ‘Star Suite’ which is one of our all time favourite records.

Chris Forman, the man behind Steal Vybe ‘The project was inspired musically and lyrically from past icons, the changing of times and life as we know it. Worldly issues abroad, and embracing the coming of the unknown…

‘The name of this EP was given and based off the different elements and styles of each track, hence the feel takes you back to the past and brings you to the present, while journeying to the future and imagining and exploring its” new prosperities to come…

I feel that our musical citation in each track has the essence of the past, while giving notice of the present forefront in music today, and taking and combing other genres and styles into the sound of the future to come…

In our opinion, what is most important in the future of music is to keep the craft alive and well and to keep the creative aspect dominant to challenge musicians and producers to Journey into their passionate side and create magic for the world.

Credits: all music, percussion, and drum programming written, composed, and produced by Chris Forman and Damon Bennett for Steal Vybe.

Rhodes, piano, synths, bass, & Vocoder by Chris Forman.
Rhodes, piano, synths, synth bass, & Flute by Damon Bennett.

Lyrics, vocal leads and background written and performed by Monday Michiru.

Recorded and mixed at 305 the woods studio.

Publishing: Chris Cee Rule Forman Music ASCAP. Creators-Child Music ASCAP.

Monday Michiru Sipiaguine ASCAP.
Two Winds ASCAP.


‘Past, Present, Future’ EP is available as an exclusive promo via from Monday 1st June, then on all other digital stores from Monday 29th June 2015.