Gianluca Pighi

Being brought up as a child listening to his fathers vast soul and jazz-funk record collection must have had some kind of influence on Gianluca Pighi; since then his destiny has been cast – a life of music, music and more music…

At the age of fifteen he sneaked into his older cousins pirate radio station armed with some of his favourite vinyl and began to learn the art of broadcasting playing funk classics, hip-hop and 80″s soul. He was soon playing at street parties in his area. Soon after there followed his first real paid gigs which enabled him to feed his “record collecting addiction” that often took him to Milan at least once or twice a month; “Getting hold of records back then wasn”t easy, sometimes it would even end up in fist-fights” he says laughingly. His DJ career took off and Gianluca played at various residencies including clubs such as Avila and Masero which gave him much exposure. He also tried his hand at promoting and managing club nights where he worked alongside such names as Pasta play casino Boys, Claudio Coccoluto, Ricky Montanari, Ivan Iacobucci and Luca Trevisi. Pighi”s sets began to earn him a very strong reputation which saw him spin at legendary club Mazoom, opening up for established luminaries such as David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Derrick Carter, Louie Vega, Harvey and Joe Claussell – since then he has never turned back and today also continues to shake up the floors with his very high quality mixture of great sounds.

With his profound love of music it was inevitable that Gianluca Pighi would also carve out a very strong career in the recording studio. Over the years there have been many productions released on some global leading labels getting back up from people such as Francois K, Kenny Dope, Anthony Nicholson and others and we have even seen recording collaborations with icons like Robert Owens and Frankie Knuckles. Today he can be seen mastering and engineering some of the biggest and the best productions coming out of Italy.