Christie Love

Singer-songwriter Christie Morris aka Christie Love taps into the 80s soulful house music sound for her debut single “One Day”. The Newark, New Jersey born vocalist, doesn’t disappoint on this ode to the traditional deep house sound. The singer’s vocals on this track are sultry and captivating at every turn. The soundscape has a mix of a the gospel, R&B, and disco vibe. Although, exposed to house music during her early childhood, it wasn’t until later in her adulthood, that she rediscovered her love of the house music genre. “There’s just something about “soulful house” or “deep house” music that touches my soul”.

Raised in the Baptist church Christie Love sang in various choirs, which is where her smooth soulful sound was nurtured. Christie Love showed serious interest in the music industry during early childhood. In fact, it has always been her dream to become “a famous, successful and wealthy recording artist/entertainer”. She grew up in a house full of constant gospel, R&B and soul music which explains her love of music. There is no denying that her music is fresh and appealing. Other than music, Christie Love is passionate about family, spirituality, dancing, history, love, and food.

Christie Love is currently in the studio working on more unknown soulful house singles. Her riveting and unique sound is proof that this is an artist to watch out for.

Reggie Steele

Reggie Steele

Reggie Steele, a Newark, NJ native, is one of New Jersey’s premier house music artists & producers. His rhythmic grooves, memorable lyrics, and melodic chords, create a fresh sound that is shaking dance floors around the world. Reggie began his journey in house music working with Big Moses on the “Shelter Anthem” with Ambrosia and “Deep Inside”. He later collaborated with fellow NJ DJ/producer DJ Beloved and Jihad Mohammed, churning out top 20 soulful house records for Tasha Larae, Sheree Hicks, Miranda Nicole, and a host of other house music artists. To cement his unique sound and identity within the house music genre, Reggie stepped away from the collaborations for a brief moment and produced a number of singles and remixes which catch the attention of dance floors, artists and record labels across the world. Songs like “Stuck on You” (Carissa Nicole), “Addicted The Reggie Steele Remix”, (Sheree Hicks), “Surrender” (Reggie Steele), and “Wind” (Reggie Steele) all have helped make Reggie Steele a sought after producer for original content and house music remixes. Stay tuned – he is just getting started!


Recording Artist, Producer, Keyboardist, Songwriter, Vocalist

Angel-A delivers an extensive package of soul-stirring, heart pounding liberated music. A native Detroiter, currently residing in Chicago, she is a musical force to be reckoned with. Heavily influenced by a family of Jazz musicians, Gospel preachers and a city bursting with legendary Motown Music and Gospel Giants, at age 6 she began singing and playing the piano in church; And by the age of 13, composing her own music.

Trailblazing a brand new world with a captivating spirit, Angel-A delivers a brave fusion of jazz with the soul stirring inspiration of gospel. Taking her cues from Sarah Vaughn, Billy Holiday, Gloria Estephan, and Sade, Angel-A owns the style and sophistication of a 1950’s retro couture collection. Few producer, songwriter, vocalists in this time dare to embrace pure form and express messages of substance to a wider audience. Angel-A creates a cool space for listeners to experience.

Performing both original Jazz standards and soul compositions, serenaded audiences with her smooth style and charismatic flair. She has toured and shared stages with Chaka Khan, El Debarge, Oleta Adams, Pattie La Belle, Howard Hewitt, Eric Roberson, Dr. Bobby Jones, The Clark Sisters, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Rance Allen, The Winans and many others.

These days Angel-A continues her journey as a producer performing with a jazz band or teaming up with DJ/artist/ producers like: Tony Humphries, Roy Davis Jr., Stephanie Cooke, Tony Loreto, Jose Carretas to name a few.

Related Genres include: Soulful House, Soul, Jazz Lounge/Chill Out, R&B, Afro/Latin

Robert Owens

Ask any fan of dance music who their favourite male vocalist is and nine times out of ten Robert Owens name will come back. Sure, there are other great male house vocalists out there, but with more than twenty years as a gifted singer, songwriter, producer and DJ under his belt, Robert has not so much embellished house music as played a large part in defining it. ‘Tears’, ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ and ‘Ordinary People’ are just some of the tunes that have borne his black velvet voice and gone on to become truly classic dance records. Finally, 2008 will see the release of Robert Owens first artist album in 10 years – ‘Night-time Stories’.

Like many other great vocalists, Robert Owens began his career singing in church gospel choirs. Growing up in the poor areas of Chicago and L.A., where gang related shootings were part of day-to-day life, music proved to be his inspiration and determination to get out of those sad circumstances. Entry into the nascent world of house music came not through Robert’s singing but his skills as a DJ. By the time people like Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles were designing house music’s blueprint on the dancefloors of legendary venues like the Warehouse and the Music Box, Robert was DJing at block parties and smaller clubs in Chicago.

In 1985 Robert met pioneering Chicago producer Larry Heard, who invited him into his studio. Together they formed Fingers Inc with Ron Wilson and released a series of excellent singles such as ‘Mysteries Of Love’ or the instantly recognisable house standard ‘Can You Feel It’. This cooperation culminated in one of house music’s first full-length albums ‘Another Side’ in 1988, after which the group amicably disbanded to follow their individual solo careers.

Following the call of Frankie Knuckles, Robert went to New York in 1989 to record a track with the Def Mix posse – consisting of David Morales, Satoshi Tomiie and Frankie himself. This tune, so casually constructed, was to become one of clubland’s most emotive and defining moments: the sublime ‘Tears’. That song all about his life and struggles was the ignition of Roberts successful career as a solo artist. Signing with 4th & Broadway in 1990 he showcased his beautiful church-honed vocals and heartfelt lyrical style on the album ‘Rhythms In Me’, completely produced by the Def Mix crew. His 1991 single ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ finally gave Robert the overground success he so obviously deserved, climbing the charts to 1 all over the world!

Leaving New York behind, Robert relocated to London in 1993 where he founded his own label imprint Musical Directions and started assembling his own studio. He continued composing and singing on a series of dance classics such as ‘Love Will Find Its Way’ or ‘Ordinary People’ and collaborated with a remarkable list of influencial artists like Sandy Rivera and Photek (on his smash hit ‘Mine to Give’), and more recently with Ron Trent and Coldcut (on the stunning ‘Walk a Mile in my Shoes’ single).

But Robert also stayed true to his records spinning club roots. As an innovative and globally in-demand DJ he is still dazzling crowds across the UK, Europe, Japan and America with his special blend of the deepest house and electronica. He also established two successful London club residencies – Journeys at Egg and 2 Feet Deep at The Key.
Which brings us to “Night-Time Stories”. Robert’s latest musical offering is an incredibly cohesive collection of collaborations with some of contemporary house music’s biggest and most respected names. Producers like Wahoo, Jimpster, Atjazz, Charles Webster, Simbad, Marc Romboy, Kid Massive, Kirk Degiorgio and Ian Pooley all demonstrate their talents, which combined with Robert’s famous voice, make this one of the most exciting and anticipated dance records of 2008!

On the eleven tracks Robert takes you on an agitating and haunting journey inside his highly emotional world, living up to his reputation as man who breathed life and soul into house music. It’s just him expressing different feelings ranging from happiness to being chained: “My work is about being aware of all the different facets and feelings in life. Much of it is driven by pain, but that’s just an emotion too. I can’t stand there and be like a pop star because I need to be real – and a real person gives from their soul and won’t let anyone taint that.” (Robert Owens)

The first single release ‘Merging’ (produced by Dutch duo TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos) is already raising the roof worldwide getting love and massive support from key players like Osunlade, Frank Roger, Fred Everything, Marcus Worgul, King Britt, Jimpster, Ashley Beedle, Peter Kruder… This overwhelming response is heralding a shift in the state of the art: people are getting weary of minimalistic tracks – they want some vocals back in – and they want some soul back in!

You are sure to get the full load of soul when Robert is performing with his Live Band. To fuse house music with real instrumentation has been a dream of Roberts for a long time. His album ‘Journeys’ which was released in Japan only in 1997 already highlighted this new new musical routes. Together with his band – which features Dan Berkson (Poker Flat) on keys and a guitarist and percussionist – he performs what is essentially live house with a jazz flavour. The tracklist is a mix of Roberts classics and new album material. To many people the amazing show was the highlight of Big Chill Festival.

So there you have it. From the gritty but sublime Trax of yesteryear to the forward-looking projects of today, Robert Owens is one of dance music’s true legends, a man who has his roots in the future and his feet planted firmly on the earth – and a man who has never been afraid of sharing himself with others.

Cornell “CC” Carter

Cornell “CC” Carter has been gracing stages and entertaining thousands of fans with his signature sound around the world for many years. He is known for his phenomenal stage presence, his high-powered audience engagement, and his extraordinary and dynamic vocal skills.

Cornell’s strong love for music developed when he was a young man growing up in a San Francisco home chock full of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, and Gospel, which has been the inspiration for his creativity and songwriting. He co-wrote and produced his internationally acclaimed 2016 album In The Moment.

That Feelin’ appeared on Cornell CC Carter’s second artist album “One Love” that was released last summer. It was the first single off the album and it straight away became an instant favourite with us with it’s classic Marvin Gaye feel. The track was being played on all the soul music stations and we felt that the song had even more mileage with a house music audience.

Since the label began back in 2012 we’ve wanted to get Frankie Feliciano (Reconstruction Records) to do a remix for us but it had to be the right track and as soon as Frankie heard the original he felt he could create something special and boy has he done that!

CC has had many once in a lifetime musical experiences to draw from, but two of the highest points of his career so far has been sharing the stage as an opening act for the late great Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and the legendary Ray Charles. In addition to his various headline performances, he has also opened for other household name brand artists such as The Whispers, The Temptations, Natalie Cole, and Kool and The Gang.

For more info on CC Carter visit

Fuminori Kagajo

Fuminori Kagajo is a DJ and Producer based in Sapporo / Japan, in 1996 he started Djing and supporting the big dis such as Frankie Knuckles, Ian Pooley, Fabio & Grooverider and many more in his home town.

He is often involved in band projects and collaborations with numerous musicians, whilst as a producer. His musical influences lay in 70’s funk, jazz, fusion, not to mention early house from New York, Chicago and Detroit.

He’s appeared on King Street Sounds, Nite Grooves, Fatsouls Records, Trippin Records, Slip ’n’ Slide and many more…Also His new tracks come out from Quantize Recordings, Makin’ Moves and Roots Underground Records.

Sheree Hicks

Sheree Hicks is an undercover, music industry legend. She is known for her vocal ability, vocal arrangements, and mainly her writing skills. She has been in the industry professionally for over 25 years and has not skipped a beat. She is seasoned, yet fresh and current for soul music. Her personal sound is very smooth, soulful, and soothing to the ear, however; she is one of the most versatile women in the industry. She started out singing in the church in Memphis and later moved to Chicago, where she joined a female trio at age 17. The group was signed to Def Jam under Russell Simmons and later on signed to Universal under Gene Riggins. Her strongest points are writing and vocal arranging. She is constantly called upon by different producers and vocalists to tailor make something especially for them. In the early 90′s, she was known to many as the “go to” girl for background vocals and vocal arrangement sessions. She writes and arranges all genres of music from alternative, to pop and R&B, to gospel and even children’s songs that teach them harmony while learning something new. She can also customize a song to enhance any vocalist, male or female. She has written for Blackstreet with Teddy Riley (Drama), Rapper Heavy D (I’ll Do Anything), C&C Music Factory (I’ll Always Be Around), Terry Dexter (Strayed Away & I Don’t Need You), Nick Loren, and Emily Bell to name a few. She has done tv appearances and sang back up for many artists as well. She performed on the Rosie Odonnell show with Brandy and brother Ray J, Joshua Kadison, Kenny Loggins, Dave Hollister, Charlie Wilson, Jason Weaver, and sang with Christopher Williams on the Robert Townsend Show. She has done performances in Japan and hosted MTV Japan as well, and also has done commercials and soundtracks with Stephanie Mills and Spike Lee. Many of her producer friends respect her because she stays true to the music and her love for it shines through each song she creates. She has had the pleasure of working with an extensive amount of producers, some are award winning, such as Ron Lawrence, Def Jef, Ty Fyffe, Swell, Ms Antoinette Roberson, Rockwilder, Eric Sermon, Redman, Rodney Jerkins, Trackmasters, Mario Winans, Chuckie Madness of the Producers Coalition, Manuel Seal, Darren Lighty, All Star, Clemmons Brothers, Berris Bolton, Trackbrokers, AC Smooth, and Earl Powell. A recent project for her is a song that she worked on for the Obama

Campaign called, “Change.” She was called in to help arrange the vocals and she is also responsible for lead and background vocals performed on the song. Other vocalists on the song include Emoni Wilkins and Slique of Chicago. The remix on the “Change” song was produced by Chicago Grammy award winning house music producer Maurice Joshua, and was played in many clubs. Soon after Sheree began a house music quest and started to record her first songs with Chicago local producer/DJs DJ Sean Ali & Chuck Robertson formerly known as SOL4ORCE.

There immediately became a buzz due to her being a Chicago native having such a different sounding, smooth and melodic voice. Her 1st release was titled Mr DJ produced by Stacy Kidd of Soul Element, soon after she released Sacrifice, Electricity, Guilty, Still Standing, Hypnotic, Magic, Dream Come True, Green Light, Present To Win with RaShaan Houston, Love Is in the Air, and Celebrate, all of which are available on and are chart topping and being played by DJs and internet radio stations around the world. From those releases, she became sought after by the more established producers, from the states as well as other countries. She soon had house music hits under her belt with producers like Chosen Few DJs, Terry Hunter and Mike Dunn, Josh Milan of Honeycomb Music, Beloved Tennant, Jihad Muhammad, Soledrifter, Scott Diaz, Flaviano Lanzi, Audio Jacker, Federico Scavo, Pezzner, Tommy Vee, Luca Guerrieri, Ronn Carrol, Emilio Hernandez, Damond Ramsey, DJ Spen, Funklovers, Vic Lavendar, Marcus Jakes, Chris Nigel, Marcus Knight, Milty Evans, Doc Link, and ofcourse Sean Ali of SOA Music, just to name a few. Sheree is also known for production on may of the songs that she has recently released and is becoming sought after for her expertise in different sounds and what works for other artists as well. Many of her peers call on her to do collaborations, to mix her sound with theirs, most recently, she has become a dynamic duo with Marc Evans of Baltimore, who is a staple in the house music community.Other collaborations include artist like Mike City, also of the R&B world, he has written songs such as Carl Thomas’ I Wish, Avery Sunshine’s Heard It All Before and Brandy’s Full Moon, other collaborations are with the legenday, Dajae, RaShaan Houston, Jon Pierce, El Boogie, Lester Jay, and Marck Jamz of Norway. Sheree is extremely innovative as it relates to her craft. She now has vocal packs that created a frenzy among producers who want to sample her vocals to create music of their own with her voice. Many of those creations become chart toppers and its nothing to see her work more than one time in the top 100. She is now in the process of starting her own house music label to be in more control of her own musical destiny, as well as be a safe haven for other up and coming artists eventually. Her new label called “Chic Soul Music,” (pronounced SHEEK) is something that she has worked tirelessly with a small, dedicated team of like minded individuals behind her, day in and day out, to ensure that she gives the best of everything for her fans and patrons. The best production, musicians, the best mixing and mastering, the best lyrics, arrangements, vocal performances, artwork, visuals, videos, you name it. Sheree Hicks considers this the biggest project of her career and believes it is taking her to another level of professionalism in music. Her first release on Chic Soul Music called Keeping My Composure dominated Traxsource and was played on WBLS by DJs like Louie Vega and Charles Dixon on a weekly basis! Produced by Chicago/Baltimore’s own DJ Brian Pope, who has outdone himself on music production and remixes are to be determined.

As of lately, Chic Soul Music has found its way to becoming a solid, soulful House Music label. The follow-up release called “Your Warning” with Sean Ali of SOA, quickly soared to the Top 100 charts. To give fans and supporters of CSM even more, Sheree collaborated with DJ and Producers Beloved, Sean Ali and Brian Pope to create the “Love Language” album. Sheree celebrated the release of her album as well as the start of her new label by throwing a huge bash, which was the talked about among the House Music community worldwide. The “Love Language album hit number 3 on the Top 100 soulful albums on Traxsource. On the “Love Language” album Sheree and Brian Pope, did a classic Phyllis Hyman cover tune called “Living All Alone”. It has been said by many that Phyllis has smiled down upon this rendition of her song. The song was noticed by DJ Spen and Gary Hudgins, who created a remix that has taken it to the next level. Sheree and CSM’s fan base continues to expand, because she consistently creates the perfect music collaborations. Currently there are two new releases circulating. One is titled “Let Love In” produced by David Anthony and Bennett Holland on Quantize Records. The other called “No Place Like Home” produced by Funinori of Japan with the Wipe the Needle remix by Lee Gomez on Making Moves Records. Both songs are doing very well on the charts currently holding places in the top 25. Her last release for 2016 called “Royal Love produced by Sean Ali and VeniGrette on Chic Soul Music’s label is sure to follow suit, complete with a music video to further paint the picture for her fans.

You can find her doing performances at various venues, such as the HIV AIDS awareness benefit, hosted by Cyon Flare at Hydrate where she performed along with the legendary Linda Clifford, Carla Prather, Dajae, and RaShaan Houston. She is often called upon in Baltimore where she performs live with Marc Evans, She performed at the Shrine in her hometown of Chicago and tore the house down. Sheree has an extensive catalog and has written in just about every genre of music, from R&B, to Hip-Hop, to Pop, Techno and House Music & Gospel. She has been a registered writer/author with BMI for over 20 years and has had many published works throughout her career. Currently, she is being called upon by many producers to help shape some of their artist and to create a new sound that is different and refreshing to the ear. Sheree Hicks, new owner and CEO of Chic Soul Music, likes working with producers and writers who ride the same wavelength and If the chemistry is right, it makes for some beautiful and memorable music.

Mike City

(Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Arranger, DJ, Executive Producer)

Born Michael Flowers but professionally known as “Mike City” this musician / songwriter / arranger is the definitive difference between a producer and a beat maker. Ushering in a generational sound of music introduced through the likes of Carl Thomas, Jimmy Cozier and Sunshine Anderson immediately elevated “City” to the upper echelon of music makers, and his extensive catalog has been growing ever since. Currently setting the stage for lightening to strike twice, Mike City’s new wave of R&B dance music is a feel good movement rooted in traditional R&B infused with dance.

A Philly native, his gift of music was passed down through a long line of talented singers including his mother and grandmother, and his father who sang with the Highway QC’s; he also had a brother who played with the legendary gospel group, “The Mighty Clouds of Joy”. Growing up in Philly and Jersey at a time when Hip-Hop and House music were just jumping off, “City” as he is called, absorbed the cultures and has always had a penchant for dance music. The one time barber attended North Carolina Central University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a concentration on music voice, and set out for a career as an artist. In the early 90’s he began singing as a part of a group known as Choyce, but it was the blind faith and initiative of sending in a demo of his work to an A&R that garnered his first solo deal with Intersound Records.

An early believer in his innate musical ability and star power was then Uptown records head Heavy D. “Before even hearing any of my music, Heavy D told me I was going to be a star,” recalls the seasoned producer. However, it wasn’t until coming to the attention of Sean “P- Diddy” Combs that things began to change for him. “When my childhood friend Tuffy, who was in the group Channel Live, took me to “Daddy’s House”, Diddy had already had his stable full with his Hitmen (producers) so when he walked in and Puff didn’t know who I was he kicked me out in a roundabout way.” he laughingly remembers. As fate would have it, a week later when Diddy listened to the track for “I Wish” he was immediately hooked and a week later, Mike City was in the biggest recording studio at The Hit Factory, and the buzz was ignited.

Mike City’s music created a new feeling in R&B music and crafting signature sounds for new talent under the helm of Bad Boy’s roster catapulted the producer virtually overnight. Engrossed in emotion when he writes a song, his ability for instrumentation is like a harmonious love affair between the music and the lyrics allowing the right talent to breathe their own voice into the life of the music making it timeless, and relevant. Whether it’s Pop, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Soulful House or R&B it’s all about the emotion behind the music for the transformative music maker who has created feel good hits for artists including: Babyface, El Debarge, Faith Evans, Usher, Dave Hollister, Gerald Levert, Brandy, Rihanna, Lalah Hathaway, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Nappy Roots, Kelly Price, Jamie Foxx and more.

Ian Friday

Ian Friday is the founder of Global Soul Music which brings soulful music from around the world to the masses. This writer, producer and DJ coined the term “Global Soul” as a genre of music that connects house, soul, afro beat, jazz and world music. Ian has been making an impact within the arts since the early 1990’s as the founder of a not for profit arts organization called The Tea Party Inc., which provided a platform for emerging and established artists. Now in its tenth year, Friday’s successful NYC residency, Libation, has become the home base for “Global Soul”.

Nina Provencal

Nina Provencal comes from a small town in West Yorkshire; a town that has significantly grown in every way since she left back in the 90’s to go to university, but back then, like many small towns it was stifling for Nina. This was not a bad thing; in fact feeling trapped fuelled her imagination which was a defining factor in the development of her career. Through the need to escape Nina (friends call her ‘Provencal or just ‘Prov’) lost herself in putting pen to paper, and so begins, the journey of an artist where all that really mattered was the freedom to express the things that touched her most.

As a young writer, Nina interpreted very real events into abstract poems or short stories, people often assumed these works were written by someone much older, as her experiences were expressed wisely, eloquently and boldly through the eyes of a child. It wasn’t until much later that Nina discovered her talent to sing, perfecting delivery and crafting song writing in her teens.

Her writing as a young girl still tremors with the same underlying essence today; she is searching …….

Searching for love, truth, freedom, her soul mate. All those wonderful things we can all relate to, not to mention big questions like, what is our purpose? Is there a higher power? (Listen to ‘The Formula’ on Sound Cloud for that one). Each song carries a message, the vocal delivery and instrumentation stirring emotion. Songs like ‘Fallen’ and ‘Nobody Here But Us’ (Soon to be released) have infectious hooks and a simplicity that somehow seems to draw you in. You can hear in the work that Nina has a commitment to producing quality lyrics and music, a dynamic talent moving through genres with such strength and vulnerability at the same time.

For the last three years Nina has been collaborating with a number of House producers and has an impressive portfolio of tracks on digital release. Going back to a place, which brought such joy as a teenager, the house world is showing Nina big love right now. Nina released her first House track, ‘Breakdown’ in 2013 with Makin’ Moves, produced by Fused Records, and quickly caught the attention of the South African and USA House movements.

Since then Nina has had a number of successful releases working with some of South African’s finest raw talent, Deep City Central, (‘Come On Back’) and DJ SGZ (‘Trouble’), UK producers include the distinctive sounds of producer and close friend Josh Emann.

Nina’s love of music doesn’t stop with House music; Drum & Bass is also a part of her repertoire. Her works with producer outfit Brascoe are edgy, and effortlessly catchy. Nina’s vocal is undoubtedly rooted in Soul, an earlier EP release in her career, ‘The Soulistic EP’ and ‘Good Stuff’ are both available on iTunes are homage to her rich tones, powerful with raspier gritty notes at times supported by strong song writing and messages of womanhood and inner strength.

So let’s bring the story forward to Nina’s latest release ‘Come Over’. This is the second collaboration with New Jersey DJ and Producer Jihad Muhammad and the third release with Makin’ Moves record label. ‘Soul Saviour’ released in 2014 was successful in the States, particularly New Jersey; it made sense that the two should collaborate again. Muhammad heard something special in Nina’s voice and re produced both Soul Saviour and ‘Come Over’, which were originally soul and acoustic tracks. Provencal re- record the vocal for ‘Come Over’ in New Jersey and Muhammad worked his magic on the production.

The result is this breathtaking piece of work. It’ s sensual, proactive, powerful, beautiful and undeniably Miss Nina Provencal.

Come Over will be released on ITunes on 27 May 2016

Come Over video release 27 May 2016