Tiger Wilson ‘Anything is Possible’

 Tiger Wilson ‘Anything is Possible’ (includes instrumental, organ solo and slow vibe mixes)

When Tiger Wilson croons “Anything Is Possible,” those three possibly cliché words actually become empowering. The New Jersey native is a music industry professional of over 12 years, versed in everything from production to vocal coaching in a variety of genres. After a lifetime of experience, Tiger Wilson emerges as a solo artist with Anything Is Possible.

The single, titled after the album, crystalizes Tiger’s deep-rooted positive ambition into song.  Emphasizing the soulful aspect of house music “Anything Is Possible” brings that Sunday morning sunshine to the dance floor. The rhythm and melody create a pulse while carving out the perfect place for Tiger’s voice to take the song over the top. His smooth vocal performance melds influences of textured Philadelphia soul with classic Motown roots, through a house lens. Tiger is an infectious listen.

Tiger Wilson is a complete artist. A writer/producer/performer, he is one of the rare few that can create a concept, build it in the studio and deliver it onstage. Armed with a ferocious talent and a genuine positivity, Tiger has only just begun. Makin’ Moves is proud to give the world a proper introduction to the diverse genius of Tiger Wilson through his debut, Anything Is Possible, the first single from a dynamic EP showcasing us all his true talents.

Exclusive promos will be available via www.traxsource.com from 1st October. Full release 29th October 2013.

Also, look out for a limited 12’ vinyl release package dropping on the 14th October!


  1. Original Mix
  2. Instrumental Mix
  3. Organ Solo Mix
  4. Slow Vibe Mix