Tiger Wilson

A native of Patterson, New Jersey, Tiger Wilson grew up in church singing and playing music at an early age. Through the church Tiger already had valuable experience on guitar, drums and keyboard before he entered high school and decided to teach himself piano. Singing along with the chords, Tiger began laying the foundation towards becoming a great songwriter, musician and vocalist.

His first industry opportunity came at the hands of producers Darren and Cliff Lighty. Working with the Lighty brothers gave Tiger some of his first tangible experiences working in the industry. He further developed as a writer, vocal coach and producer through his work with Jaheim and Donell Jones, under the auspices of the Lighty brothers.

It was because these opportunities that Tiger would cross paths with Timmy Regisford, who was looking for a keyboard player at the time. Timmy met Tiger and got more than he bargained and the two formed an incredible partnership and friendship. As a musician Tiger is adaptable to any environment or genre but Timmy was the one to turn the young prodigy onto producing house music. Not a musician himself, Timmy was able to bring a different perspective to the music making process especially after finding out he and Tiger communicate in the same language.

Despite his tenure in the game, Tiger never had aspirations of being a solo artist. In the last several years, in collaboration with Timmy Regisford and Adam Rios, Tiger Wilson put out great records such as “In The Club”, “Masterpiece” and “Burning Hot” that all became staples at the notable NYC house club, The Shelter. Tiger finally hit the tipping point on becoming a bona fide solo artist when he did a vocal reference a soulful house tune called “Sometimes,” from COVERS, a Timmy Regisford album. Everyone in the studio was floored by his performance, the song was kept as is and became a dance-floor smash. It was set, Tiger began working on his full length debut after more than 12 years as a professional in the music industry.

“Anything Is Possible” is a song-driven soulful house experience. Driven by an eponymous first single, the album will establish Tiger as a voice of his generation. Combining his vast experiences and influences, from the Philly and Motown soul he loves, to the Gospel and R&B he grew up with and the dance-floor focus he’s had in recent years, Tiger is ready to make a statement and inspire his people with Anything Is Possible.