Nina Provencal

Nina Provencal comes from a small town in West Yorkshire; a town that has significantly grown in every way since she left back in the 90’s to go to university, but back then, like many small towns it was stifling for Nina. This was not a bad thing; in fact feeling trapped fuelled her imagination which was a defining factor in the development of her career. Through the need to escape Nina (friends call her ‘Provencal or just ‘Prov’) lost herself in putting pen to paper, and so begins, the journey of an artist where all that really mattered was the freedom to express the things that touched her most.

As a young writer, Nina interpreted very real events into abstract poems or short stories, people often assumed these works were written by someone much older, as her experiences were expressed wisely, eloquently and boldly through the eyes of a child. It wasn’t until much later that Nina discovered her talent to sing, perfecting delivery and crafting song writing in her teens.

Her writing as a young girl still tremors with the same underlying essence today; she is searching …….

Searching for love, truth, freedom, her soul mate. All those wonderful things we can all relate to, not to mention big questions like, what is our purpose? Is there a higher power? (Listen to ‘The Formula’ on Sound Cloud for that one). Each song carries a message, the vocal delivery and instrumentation stirring emotion. Songs like ‘Fallen’ and ‘Nobody Here But Us’ (Soon to be released) have infectious hooks and a simplicity that somehow seems to draw you in. You can hear in the work that Nina has a commitment to producing quality lyrics and music, a dynamic talent moving through genres with such strength and vulnerability at the same time.

For the last three years Nina has been collaborating with a number of House producers and has an impressive portfolio of tracks on digital release. Going back to a place, which brought such joy as a teenager, the house world is showing Nina big love right now. Nina released her first House track, ‘Breakdown’ in 2013 with Makin’ Moves, produced by Fused Records, and quickly caught the attention of the South African and USA House movements.

Since then Nina has had a number of successful releases working with some of South African’s finest raw talent, Deep City Central, (‘Come On Back’) and DJ SGZ (‘Trouble’), UK producers include the distinctive sounds of producer and close friend Josh Emann.

Nina’s love of music doesn’t stop with House music; Drum & Bass is also a part of her repertoire. Her works with producer outfit Brascoe are edgy, and effortlessly catchy. Nina’s vocal is undoubtedly rooted in Soul, an earlier EP release in her career, ‘The Soulistic EP’ and ‘Good Stuff’ are both available on iTunes are homage to her rich tones, powerful with raspier gritty notes at times supported by strong song writing and messages of womanhood and inner strength.

So let’s bring the story forward to Nina’s latest release ‘Come Over’. This is the second collaboration with New Jersey DJ and Producer Jihad Muhammad and the third release with Makin’ Moves record label. ‘Soul Saviour’ released in 2014 was successful in the States, particularly New Jersey; it made sense that the two should collaborate again. Muhammad heard something special in Nina’s voice and re produced both Soul Saviour and ‘Come Over’, which were originally soul and acoustic tracks. Provencal re- record the vocal for ‘Come Over’ in New Jersey and Muhammad worked his magic on the production.

The result is this breathtaking piece of work. It’ s sensual, proactive, powerful, beautiful and undeniably Miss Nina Provencal.

Come Over will be released on ITunes on 27 May 2016

Come Over video release 27 May 2016