Nina Provencal ‘Soul Saviour’

(Jihad Muhammad Re-Production includes DJ Fudge Remix)
MAKIN009 – Digital Release

As we head into autumn, Makin’ Moves continue to keep you warm serving up more soulful heat with our next release from Nina Provencal ‘Soul Saviour’. Nina makes a welcome return to the label following her ‘Breakdown’ release, which she featured on earlier this year with producers Solution Soul.  Nina’s sublime soulful vocals and songwriting are creating a stir on the house scene, with further tracks to be released later this year. When speaking with Nina about what’s in store for 2014 she said, “ I really would like to continue to make quality house music, and keep pushing my boundaries, house is so versatile and transcending, I hope to continue working with producers and labels all over the world”

‘Soul Saviour’ originally featured on Nina’s 2004, self written album  ‘Good Stuff’ and our good friend in New Jersey Jihad Muhammad had always liked the track and wanted to re-produce it for the house crowd. Having a history of creating fantastic productions for his own label, Movement Soul and numerous other remixes we put Jihad to work with the original vocal and the results were amazing that all parties agreed that the track needed to be released.

Jihad has introduced a new energy to the track with his beats and combined with Nina’s subtle soulful vocals its worked on every dance floor we have played on this summer from London to New York, Japan and back.

DJ Fudge, also a close friend and one of the hot producers right now currently residing in Hong Kong gives us 3 soulful mixes all great alternatives from the original.

Exclusive promos will be available via from 29th October. Full release 1st December 2013.


1. Bang The Drum Vocal Mix
2. Bang The Drum Instrumental
3. DJ Fudge Remix
4. DJ Fudge Instrumental
5. DJ Fudge Dub

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