MAKIN141 – Wipe The Needle “Lo Custom Fit EP”

Lo Custom Fit produced by the man who knows no boundaries, Mr Lee Gomez aka Wipe The Needle, expresses yet again his musical talents and takes us on a soulful yet deeper and broken beat journey on this EP.

Firstly setting the tone with the first single ‘Black Bird’ collaborating with spoken word artist and poet Tshaka Campbell. Performing vocals on Life’s struggle in finding ourselves and what we can discover once we open our minds.
“Lo Custom Fit” to us is for the dancers with striking synths chords, piano rifts with broken beats along creating a vibe for those who love to dance and get lost in the music.
And once again with “Inhuman” which takes us on another journey where the bassline is submerged and intertwines with strings that of a melodic structure that will get your toes tapping and head nodding!Written, produced and arranged by Lee Gomez

“Black Bird” Vocals performed by Tshaka Campbell

Mixed & Mastered by Toni Economides

Executive producers: Jamesey & Matt LS

Purchase exclusively from Traxsource from Friday 12th March 2021 -