MAKIN172 – Wipe The Needle & Andre Espeut “Looking Glass”

Our next release comes straight out of the UK from producer Wipe The Needle with Andre Espeut on the vocals!

As you would expect nothing less, “Looking Glass” is another infectious melodic vibe with a driving bassline to keep you in the groove. The keys played on this project are uniquely arranged and will have you enticed and wanting more. And to add icing to the this project, Lee collaborates with none other than Andre Espeut, who sings effortlessly in altering his vocal tones to align within the track which will mesmerise audiences from start to finish.

Produced and Arranged by Lee Gomez
Vocals written and performed by Andre Espeut
Keys performed by S. Hibbler
Mixed & mastered by Toni Economides
Executive Producers : Jamesey & Matt LS

Available now exclusively via!