MAKIN143 – Kemeticjust presents “Just One” – “Ignited EP”

Here we have igniting his debut on Makin’ Moves is an absolute solid & quality dance EP from Justin Chapman of Kemeticjust, aka Just One.. Expressing his multiple talents to produce this exquisite blend of deep, soulful, jazzy and tech house combined with uplifting vocals that will resonate with many. Something for everyone on this EP, wether the deep Househeads vocal house mix or the ’Bruk Mix’ which the lyrics are cleverly re arranged and displays Justin’s wordplay skills. Onto the ’Meditech Mix’ which is more for the deeper heads with a driving bass line layered with striking chords which will keep the feet moving an heads bopping on the dancefloor. We’re really pleased to be releasing this for you now. Enjoy.


All tracks written, produced and performed by Justin Chapman.

Mastered by Justin Chapman for Xenith1dersounds / Copyright 2021 Xenith1dersounds

Purchase exclusively via on 9th April 2021 -