MAKIN059 – Jose Carretas feat Chenai Zinyuku – It Could Be

West London producer Jose Carretas is back with another hot single again teaming up with the stunning Chenai Zinyuku once again!

Jose came up through the restless soul stable, mentored by Phil Asher and has been producing and remixing for almost ten years now with various releases on labels such as Slip n Slide, Quantize, Tribe aswell as on his own Son Liva imprint.

Chenai Zinuyku is one hell of a talent! We’ve been working and developing this young lady for the past 3 years and are very excited about her forthcoming album dropping early 2017. She’s currently performing backing vocals for synth pop band Hurts who are blowing up all over Europe but likes to lend her song writing to some deep house music.

Limited exclusive promos will be available from from 11th November.

Jose Carretas feat Chenai
It Could Be
Produced and by Jose Carretas
Vocals written and performed by Chenai Zinyuku
Keys Mike Patto
Drums Jose Carretas
Mixed Toni Economidies
Publishing Son Liva Music & Copyright Control