Leon Paul (Nyumba Deep) Tribute Show – This Thursday 8-10pm on www.housefm.net

This week we were hit by the sad news of the passing of one of our good friends from the London House music scene, Leon Paul. It was a real shock as this man was taken from us in his prime, another victim of this terrible Covid 19 virus.

We always saw Leon out and about through the years, the guy always had a smile on his face and he loved his music. He and Owen Money (who we also tragically lost a few years ago to cancer) headed up the Nyumba Deep night putting on great parties as well as some summer cook ups. Matt and Jamesey both played at some of these events in the last ten years and enjoyed some great experiences.

The boys last saw him at the MEM night in Dalston when Matt and Jamesey were djing and can’t believe that was the last time they would see him..Catch Jamesey playing tribute tracks on https://hse.fm from 8-10pm GMT tomorrow night.

Other ways you can listen in, download the House FM ap via the Apple Store and we will also be doing more Mixcloud, and Twitch live sessions soon so watch this space https://www.mixcloud.com/live/HSEFM/

LISTEN AGAIN if you missed the show: https://hse.fm/blogs/players/matt-ls-jamesey