DJ Qness

From the very first single that Qness released, to his very first live set, he proved beyond reasonable doubt, to be a an icon-in-the-making DJ and Musical Producer. His debut single titled “Fugama Unamathe” earmarked him as not just a producer, but a true musician and has been referred to many a time as one of the reputable Dee jays that have the “winning formula”. Hailing from the dance-cultured streets of Johannesburg in South Africa with just his “music”, his “mind” and “God-given talent”, Qness first entered the musical scene as an R ‘n’ B singer in a boy band at school, before he moved
on to do hip hop in upper grade with some high school friends, where he was also the producer for the band, until he finally got catapulted into dance music when he first heard the Oskido’s Church Grooves First Commandment.

This was the time when he started to experiment with dance music, particularly House, quietly at home, while analysing the scene which at the time was mostly dominated by international renowned DJ’s and producers such as Louie Vega, Nick Holder, Masters at Work and many other House greats. With his PC at home, a music-making programme, and a small portable electronic keyboard, he began the musical journey that was to take charge of his whole life and take him to subways he had never ever dreamt of before. While studying Information Technology and Computer Programming in the city of Johannesburg, he juggled between his books and music…

Meanwhile, he had started going to clubs and getting acquainted to the party scene around Johannesburg and Pretoria. The loud speakers at the clubs and the sight of one man behind a set of decks taking charge of the crowd just fascinated him and that’s when he truly realized how deep his love for music had developed, and he fell in love…he fell in love with the decks. Come 2005 and the dance scene in South Africa just blew up! Producers sprang from everywhere, penetrating the clubs, radio stations, taxi ranks and many other mediums and Qness could only celebrate the music. He had started working seriously on some projects and looked up to and idolized guys like DJ Mbuso (whom he still credits as having been instrumental in helping facilitate his first break into the scene), Black Coffee, Oskido (who is still and always will be a key role model in his career), Christos, and Vinny Da Vinci , while internationally he has looked up to David Guetta, Tiesto, Dennis Ferrer, Boddhi Satva, Manoo, Osunlade, Kerri Chandler, Frank Roger, Avi Elman (who has mentored him in so many ways) and many others too many to mention.
By 2008, Qness had already acquainted himself with some of South Africa’s most influential DJs and producers, and he had received a lot of guidance from industry influential people such as Ricardo Da Costa of Soul Candi Records, DJ Mbuso himself, as well as Euphonik whom they were peers at the time. His first break came through when he did his single Fugama Unamathe, which featured some indigenous African vocals and lots of congas and Afro-beat influenced percussions. The song featured the amazing UK-based vocalist Oluhle and went on to become a critically acclaimed crossover dance hit not only in South Africa, but abroad as well. Small UK stations began pumping the song and other countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada followed and before he knew it, he had an international hit on his hands and the single went on to spark the interest of Belgian based Boddhi Satva, who then signed it to his label Offering Records which went on to release the single internationally, along with a very strong remix package.
Qness has proved his ability to please a wide crossover market with his productions, having already worked with and done amazing remix work for renowned worldwide greats such as Britian’s M.I.A whom he worked with on the single XXXO, along with hip hop mogul Jay Z, as well as Kele from Bloc Party, whom he has done two successful remixes for already, inclusively Qness has also done other remix and production work for labels such as XL Recordings whom Adele is signed to, as well as Beacause Music in France. The success of his timeless dance classic of 2008/2009 “Fugama Unamathe” in South Africa was immediately followed up by his single “Uzongilinda” which also features a talented vocalist who goes by the name of Malehloka, whom Qness was very instrumental in unearthing and introducing to the dance music market not only in South Africa, but the world. Therefore Qness firmly believes that he does not make songs, but makes music, which can be listened to and appreciated by all people of all walks of life which is why he has bee able to break into the international market at such grassroots levels and at the very inception of his career.

He has in the short span of his career so far made two internationally acclaimed worldwide hits namely “Fugama Unamathe” (released for the world through Offering Records, Belgium in 2009) and “Uzongilinda” (released for the world through soWHAT Records, Tel Aviv Israel 2009), both of which became huge successes on the digital download market proclaiming him as one of South Africa’s most internationally recognized talents. Both singles were featured on his debut album titled “DJ Qness – On Cue Vol.1” on which he collaborated with a number of vocalists and other musicians. The “Uzongilinda” single sees Qness collaborate with some world recognized legends on the dance market such as Abicah Soul, UPZ (Avi Elman) of the “Pure Surprise” fame as well as UK talent Euan Mitchell, Rancido, and local greats Infinite Boyz, Sbonza and Mindlo. He has built himself into a somewhat undisputable local talented force to deal with and continues to make “good music” as he puts it.

He also released a repackage of his debut album and aptly named it “On Cue Reloaded” after the success of “On Cue Vol. 1” and the repackage brought along plug singles such as “Time” which became an instant hit and national anthem, debuting on charts within days of release and was abruptly followed by his immensely irresistible remix of “Believing” (originally a collaboration by UPZ and Kafele), making it his fifth number one single on the South African charts after “Fugama Unamathe”, “Uzongilinda”. “Time” and the distinct “Bambelela”. On the business side he recently clinched a very reputable deal as South Africa’s very first celebrity, face of, spokesperson and brand ambassador for the fashionable and very stylish Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, manufactured by the super power, Monster Cable Company. He becomes the very first South African celebrity to attach his name to the legendary Dr. Dre. Armed with talent, charisma, mogul-like busniess acumen and and a lot of passion Qness has proved himself beyond reasonable doubt and has shown that he is the epitome not only of music, but business fashion and style. He is certainly not about to stop, as he continues in his quest to make “music”, and not “songs” as he puts it, and he is certainly on his way to becoming a true ambassador of African dance music.