Dana Weaver

Vocalist – Musician – Composer…This Is Who I am!

Music has always been a constant presence in Dana Weaver’s life. At the age of four, Dana’s parents witnessed her amazing ability to play the piano with no prior training. She began training as a classical pianist, which she continued doing until graduating from high school. Dana completed her last two years of studies at the Peabody Preparatory in Baltimore, MD. When Dana turned 13, she was asked to “breathe new life” into the children’s choir at the church she attended. Within weeks, the choir increased its membership, and eventually became the most sought out and distinguished ministry of her church. At a young age, Dana demonstrated her incredible talents by directing, accompanying, and composing songs for the choir.

 One of Dana’s first career highlights occurred during her senior year of high school, when her school’s chorus was one of four selected to accompany the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra during a winter concert. The material Dana performed with the orchestra was diverse, even requiring her to learn an entire song in Hebrew.

 Upon graduating from high school, Dana continued to accompany and compose music for local artists. She was a member of two local gospel groups. Dana also had a brief opportunity to sing with then group, Light the World, led by Guy Robinson. Dana’s voice has been described as “powerful” and “soothing…nothing like I’ve heard before”. She continued to perform locally, always capturing the attention of her audience.

 In 2000, Dana started to focus more on music expression through her vocal performances. To accomplish this objective, she began to hone in on her writing capabilities. Dana began collaborating with many artists and musicians. Her most treasured collaboration was with famed producer and original Basement Boys member, Neal Conway. Together, Dana and Neal have created a catalog of music, some of which has been featured in rotation on internet radio stations. Additionally, she has contributed to the projects of local artists such as Siren, Brian Wright, Urban Tea, and Lisa Mack.

Besides being a vocalist, Dana is also a gifted pianist, arranger and composer of her material. Dana’s music has been described as “thought-provoking” and “deep”. Her jazz-kissed piano melodies and instrumentation can be heard on compositions like ‘You’ and ‘My Inspiration’ from the SoulFlow-ah (Soul Flower) CD. Dana yields to her “sultry and sexy” side on tracks like ‘Understand Me’ and ‘Calling’, which is definitely a crowd pleaser.

 In July of 2006, Dana reached another career high. She was one of several individuals selected to work with the incredible, late Vesta Williams, providing supporting vocals for Williams who performed live at Club 347 in Baltimore, MD.  She has also been a featured vocalist for countless bands and venues in the Baltimore/D.C. area where she resides.

 Dana is also a founding and current member of The Groove Zone Music Entity. The Groove Zone is a multi-faceted organization specializing in music performance, composition, and recording. The band is comprised of talented vocalists and musicians who have performed and supported various national artists within the US and abroad. The Groove Zone’s repertoire crosses several music genres, featuring original compositions. In 2010, The Groove Zone shared the stage with R&B and soul songstress, Chrisette Michele. The band opened for Chrisette Michele, who performed at the International Festival in Baltimore, MD.

 In 2011, Dana formed an alliance with two of the most talented and sought-after producers, DJ Spen and Thommy Davis of Quantize Recordings. ‘Heavenly’, Dana’s first single for the label was a Traxsource Top Ten chart topper for weeks, propelling her onto the House music scene, and landing her the honor of being the featured vocalist at the 2012 Collective Minds Music Festival. It is no surprise that Dana will continue achieving new and exciting career heights through the medium she loves, which is music.

 You can also check out Dana’s Music at: http://soundcloud.com/danaweaver or http://myspace.com/thegroovezone

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